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My year in pictures: A photo a week project

Baby Bump & Birth – Week 39 & 40

Week 39 ended up being the last of my pregnancy and we had our sweet baby in our arms for week 40!

Baby Bump – Weeks 37 & 38

In the final weeks of my pregnancy we did loads of preparations, baby's movements continued to change, I struggled with late pregnancies pains, and we made decisions about a name and when to induce!

Pregnancy Bump 9 Months – Weeks 35 & 36

Weeks 35 and 36 were full of holidays, celebrations, friends and our long awaited babymoon! Plus, we ring in the year of our baby's birth and things start to get real.

Baby Bump at Christmas – Weeks 33 & 34

Weeks 33 and 34 marked the start of the holidays and we celebrated with our maternity photo session on an Irish beach, making a decision on a baby buggy, and me balancing this growing bump and all that comes with it.

Baby Bump Dressed up – Weeks 31 & 32

In weeks 31 and 32, I officially feel big, we attended a couple pregnancy classes, and bump and I get dressed up for a night out!

Pregnancy Bump at Thanksgiving – Weeks 29 & 30

One more round of pre-natal classes started during week 29, I started to come to terms with the baby at the end of this pregnancy, and by week 30 I got the good news that there was no gestational diabetes!

Third Trimester Baby Bump Weeks 27 & 28

Weeks 27 and 28 meant the start of antenatal classes, pregnancy yoga, learning my new limits and getting to feel hiccups as a birthday gift!

Baby Bump’s Halloween – Weeks 25 & 26

My bump photos get more festive and baby gets more active during weeks 25 and 26!

Pregnancy Bump Photos Weeks 23 & 24

We had some exciting milestones this week: Strangers start to notice, we can see movement, and we take bump's first trip to the Irish midlands. Here are the highlights from weeks 23 and 24...

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