Weeks 35 and 36 were full of holidays, celebrations, friends and our long awaited babymoon! Plus, we ring in the year of our baby’s birth and things start to get real.


Highlights of week 35:

  • Christmas day marked the start of week 35 for bump! Andy and I spent a very relaxed, low key Christmas by ourselves in Dublin since there was no chance of me making it on a flight at this stage. We got to video chat with family though, so had a dose of home.
  • We celebrated St. Stephen’s day with some new friends, had a mid week football watch party with old friends and their new baby, and enjoyed the food and festivities. Thanks to baby, I actually lost a bit of weight – PERK!
  • This week the nerves started to set in. Not so much of the birth itself, but that he might decide to make an early appearance. It had happened to several friends and was lingering in the back of my mind.
  • Otherwise, baby seemed stronger and busier than ever and we got some hilarious videos of his movements!
  • Late this week I went to a full length, normal yoga class and handled it like a champ… with just a few modifications… so I was pretty proud of myself.
  • Over the weekend we did a lot of baby prep and got the final things for the hospital bag. The checklist is getting smaller!
  • We spent new year’s eve day in the city running (above) errands, then packing up Andy’s office at Minds + Machines which was a nice, bittersweet closure to the year. Back home, I made it to midnight (thanks in part to a nap at the office earlier) and we rang in the new year.


Highlights of week 36:

  • The start of week 36 was also the start of the new year, my 9th month, and the month our baby is due. It all got very real!
  • After a few weeks of testing out a name, I think we finally settled on a first name this week! It’s a little bit Irish, but not TOO much so, which is what we wanted. Now on to the middle…
  • Andy told me that I was going to miss my bump. I think he was right. 🙂
  • This week it was FINALLY time to head off on our babymoon!! It had been delayed a few times, was slightly downgraded, and turned into a road trip, but we were still excited. We spent 4 days and nights in seaside Kinsale, in the south of Ireland, Co. Cork. We had 1 beautiful weather day that we spent on a quick scenic drive taking photos and enjoying the views, then the rest of the time we wandered around town, slept in, lounged in cafes and bars, went for some nice walks, and ate our weight in amazing seafood. The baby didn’t make his appearance, so we came home relieved and relaxed!
  • Friday night it was time to party again, so I put on my other LBD and we went out for a reunion gathering of M+M employees, past, present, and partners at the original favorite spot: 37 Dawson.  Of the last 4 left standing, 2 of us were preggers… of course, it was only 11:30. 😉