One more round of pre-natal classes started during week 29, I started to come to terms with the baby at the end of this pregnancy, and by week 30 I got the good news that there was no gestational diabetes!


Highlights of week 29:

  • In addition to pre-natal classes, I started Physio classes this week. It was a shorter series of smaller sized classes where we focused more on the physical aspects of pregnancy, labor and delivery.
  • I had to shop for some maternity dresses this week so I would be prepared for some upcoming events. Choices were slim, but H & M came to the rescue on short notice.
  • My weight continued to steadily climb at a normal rate, which was encouraging, but still a new concept for me to wrap my head around. I’m growing a baby, I’m growing a baby…


Highlights of week 30:

  • We attended a friend’s baby’s christening this week and saw a glimpse into our future with 4 little boys under the age of 3 there!
  • I noticed that baby kicks more on my right side than the left and made a note to ask the dr. what this meant. His squirming, stretching and kicking continued to amaze us!
  • There was something about this stage where it really started to hit me: there’s going to be a baby at the end of all this! I got so wrapped up in the pregnancy part – learning about and managing it, that I didn’t let myself jump to far ahead to the BABY part… until around this week.
  • I kept up with regular as well as pregnancy yoga classes and was feeling good. No doubt things were harder and range of motion decreased, but I was hanging in there.
  • As a cruel joke, I got to spend Thanksgiving morning (not a holiday here) fasting and taking the glucose test. I was thrilled when I didn’t get a call by the end of the day, which meant that the test was fine and all was well!