Weeks 27 and 28 meant the start of antenatal classes, pregnancy yoga, learning my new limits and getting to feel hiccups as a birthday gift!


Highlights from week 27:

  • We started antenatal (prenatal/pregnancy) classes this week. We got an entertaining intro to labor, delivery, what to pack, etc. from a midwife.
  • I’ve noticed that I’ve had to slow down my workout pace at this point. Speed and intensity had to come down a notch. My number of push-ups has fallen right off, but I’m trying to let it go. 😉
  • I had a birthday this week and my gift from baby was to feel his hiccups for the first time! I finally felt some definite, consistant, rhythmic bumps that had to be them.
  • My gift from Andy was a new camera lens for photographing baby!
  • This week I also started my pregnancy specific yoga classes. I’d been doing yoga for several years now, and while I could still do the regular classes, I needed modifications to keep it going. Plus, it was nice to have a small class full of “peers” who are going through exactly what I am.


Highlights from week 28:

  • Even though sources vary, I think it’s safe to say that the third trimester started this week!! Hard to believe I was 2/3 of the way there.
  • At this stage I was already amazed at the amount of movement. Bump popping or shifting would catch my eye and at times it felt like there was an animal in there bucking around!
  • We had a dr. appoint this week and learned that baby was still measuring large. Just to rule it out, he ordered a glucose test for me the following week. While standard in the US, it’s only done if in question here. I had to add gestational diabetes to my list of concerns.
  • I had a group of nearly twenty women, alumnae from my sorority, visiting for an annual meeting this week, so it was an extremely busy time. I spent months planning it and then 4 days entertaining and keeping things organized. It was a test of my endurance, but I did pretty well considering. Even though I did have to catch a few naps here and there to keep up.