My bump photos get more festive and baby gets more active during weeks 25 and 26!


Highlights from week 25:

  • While I had been sharing my bump photos with immediate family and a few friends, I finally decided to share them on Facebook this week. While I know this kind of thing is TMI for some people, it was a fun (and simple) way to share with so many that I’ll never get a chance to see while pregnant. It got a ton of love, so I think it was worth it. 🙂
  • We met up with quite a few friends this week, some brand new parents, some more experienced, and some with no kids. All good fun with varying levels of insight and advice. I did my best to soak it all in.
  • We shopped for more baby books this week. Some for ourselves, to attempt to figure out this pregnancy, birth, and parenting thing, and some to read to baby, since he can hear us now.
  • Baby has been super active this week, with one day taking the prize as most active in a 24 hour period. Kicks, pokes, and squirms every couple hours ALL day and night.


Highlights from week 26:

  • Baby’s movements have been a constant source of entertainment lately! I have to work hard not to laugh so we can see how busy he is.
  • Some friends took us shopping for “travel systems” this week. Call it a stroller, buggy, pram, or whatever you like, but we had a lot of decisions to make about how to get this baby around town! The options were endless, prices high, and features hard to decide between, so we kept it on the to do list.
  • Even though Halloween fell a day after this week, I decided to dress bump and I up in our photos. I used the iPhone app Baby Pics +, which had a ton of cute graphics, and shared the full set above with family for a good laugh.