In weeks 31 and 32, I officially feel big, we attended a couple pregnancy classes, and bump and I get dressed up for a night out!


Highlights of week 31:

  • I’ve officially gotten to the point where I feel big. My bump feels heavy and stretched, especially at night.
  • We wrapped up antenatal classes this week…
  • And started Hypnobirthing classes. It was another course offered by our hospital, so why not learn as many techniques as possible, right?! It’s all about how to have a stress free, low interference, approach to labor that’s mainly controlled through breathing and meditation. We met some nice couples in a small class setting too.
  • I also got the chance to meet a new friend, and fellow sorority alumna, for dinner in the city to break up work and other prep work.


Highlights from week 32:

  • Baby continues to be very active with lots of visible wiggling, rolling, and bulging!
  • We had lunch with friends and their baby and he got to sit on, and get kicked by, my bump. 😉
  • Andy and I took some time this week for a morning of work at Starbucks and  3.6 mile  morning walk, which were nice outings.
  • The Christmas tree went up this weekend and I’m already enjoying the festive lights.
  • This week doctor says things are going well and I’m on track. All test results have been great and we got to see a better scan of baby on his new ultrasound machine. It was nice to see his little face with hands cuddling up and little feet kicking!
  • We shopped for things for our upcoming maternity photo session this week, I went to my pregnancy yoga, and to finish out the week, we got dressed up for Andy’s work Christmas party. A black, fitted, bodycon dress is pretty daring for me, but a fun fashion risk I was willing to take with the bump. 🙂 We had a fun evening with co-workers and friends, even if I spent most of the night answering questions about pregnancy and baby plans. It’s hard to see past the bump these days…