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My year in pictures: A photo a week project

Baby Bump Second Trimester Weeks 21 & 22

Well into my second trimester, my bump was coming along slightly and we hit an exciting milestone in the pregnancy! Here are highlights from weeks 21 and 22...

Baby Bump Week 19 – Pregnancy Announcement Photo

On week 19, we made our news "Facebook Official"and other highlights...

Baby Bump Weeks 18 & 20 – Half Way

Once the baby bump made its appearance, I knew it was time to start documenting! I'm obsessive about documenting, saving, organizing, and commemorating, so photographing my pregnancy progression was the perfect opportunity to run with it. This is how I got started and the highlights of weeks 18-20...

The Revival

I'm back! Back with a new focus, new brand, and new ideas. I've been thinking for awhile about starting a new photography blog or website, but haven't quite found the right way to launch it. It's always hard to take that first step with something new! Then one day it clicked!

Week 52

Deciding on the ONE photo from a WEEK long trip for the LAST post of the year was tough! But, here it is (finally): a canal /city shot from Burges, Belgium. It's hard to say if this is really my favorite, but it's definitely one of them. And, Bruges was probably my favorite city from our Belgium tour, so there you go.

Week 51

December 17 - 23, 2013 "Happy Christmas to you" from Ireland. 🙂

Week 50

Even though I missed the reopening by just a few days, I got to sneak in St. Peter's (my family church at home) to take a look at the new renovations. It's beautiful! It got a total makeover complete with detailing work. Lots of changes and enhancements to help it through its next 100 years.

Week 49

My visit back home involved an unexpected side trip to Charleston, SC. I got the opportunity to go there and help out with the holiday fashion show at TJ Formal's Charleston store. After we wrapped up the event we even got to spend a few hours on Folly Beach. A nice way to take advantage of the warm, sunny, southern winter!

Week 48

In honor of my granny, we toasted her favorite (and frequent) drink: Five Alive & vodka.

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