On week 19, we made our news “Facebook Official”.


Highlights of week 19:

  • I made my 4th transatlantic flight since pregnant.
  • After being on the go for weeks while in the U.S. (plus jet lag), things caught up with me and I slept a LOT. Long nights and some daytime naps too.
  • I gained a little over 5 lbs total.
  • I shared my pregnancy news with the sorority women I advise, and even though I couldn’t be there in person, it was fun and their reaction was so sweet.
  • Andy and I decided it was finally time to share our exciting news with the “world” and, at the last minute, came up with a fun way to do a pregnancy reveal. I designed a onesie, had it printed, and we set out to downtown Dublin with a tripod. It’s not an easy city to capture in a single photo, but the Ha’Penny bridge over the River Liffey seemed like a good spot. It was no small feat to get the timing, pose, gap in pedestrians, wind, light, etc. to work out, but we got a few nice shots. It was a huge hit on Facebook and made us feel a little more connected to everyone we’re so far from – we were truly overwhelmed!