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My year in pictures: A photo a week project



Week 18

Andy and I went to our first taping of a show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. It's not actually broadcast live anymore, but it is right on Hollywood Boulevard, so we had plenty to look at while we stood in line. Waiting and forced applause aside, we got to see the studio and some great celebrities - It was a pretty cool experience!

Week 11

March 12-18, 2013 What better place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than Dublin, Ireland?! Here's one of my favorite shots of the night, taken in the Brazen Head, which claims to be the oldest pub in Ireland (est. 1198, current... Continue Reading →

Week 1

Jan 1 - 7, 2013 It's a new year, and I'm back with a new, revised Year in Pictures project. Instead of daily photos, I'm going to try weekly ones. I know it's not as intense and not the same... Continue Reading →

Dec 31

Day # 366 Yep, there's a bonus day this year, so here I finally am at the end of my project! It's bittersweet because I really have enjoyed it - the challenge, using a camera every day (even if that... Continue Reading →

Dec 25

Day # 360 Merry Christmas! We decided to stay in California for the holidays this year, which meant being all alone. But, we FaceTimed with my family on Christmas morning as we unwrapped our presents and it was nearly as... Continue Reading →

Dec 18

Day #353 Tonight was the Minds & Machines Christmas party. It was combined with all the other companies in the building and the party took place in the owner's private airplane hanger downstairs. Yep. Drinks (including a signature cocktail) and... Continue Reading →

Nov 22

Day # 327 Happy Thanksgiving! We went for a walk on the beach this morning, then spent the afternoon finishing up dinner - turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole and a pumpkin pie. Quite the dinner for two.... Continue Reading →

Nov 17

Day # 322 Being the #1 team in the nation, and having a Heisman hopeful quarterback, was exciting, encouraging, and priceless!! While it lasted. As this game vs. Baylor progressed it all disolved, however. It was fun while it lasted... Continue Reading →

Nov 10

Day # 315 It's game day! And, we had to try out a new place to watch the game vs. new conference addition, TCU. Luckily, we knew of a sports bar within walking distance. Before we even found a seat... Continue Reading →

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