Day # 366

Yep, there’s a bonus day this year, so here I finally am at the end of my project! It’s bittersweet because I really have enjoyed it – the challenge, using a camera every day (even if that meant my iPhone), capturing part of my life and the things around me , and hopefully improving my photography skills… but I’m also glad to be finished.

One of the biggest lessons I’m taking away from it, (which is nothing new, but always a  present), is: don’t wait. When you see an opportunity, go for it. Right then! Because as soon as you hesitate, or say you’ll wait for the next opportunity, you might miss your chance… and probably already have. You can always take another photo later, but take this one now too. 🙂

It’s fitting then, that my last photo would be an example of this exact lesson. We set off today to see the Hollywood sign and check out The Grove and Farmer’s Market. I passed up a couple views of the sign knowing that we were on our way up for a closer look. But then LA traffic, a mapping mishap, and the setting sun all worked against me and I ended up right back where I started with worse lighting, not enough time, and zero patience. So, here’s what I got. Still a fun subject for my last day though.

While I’ve enjoyed this project, the time to select, edit, post… and of course shoot, were pretty time consuming. (There are thousands of photos behind these 366 posted here. ;)) While I would love to keep documenting this beautiful new place I live in (and the potential places I’ll be traveling to later this year), I think I’ll take a break for awhile. Maybe I’ll be back with a photo of the week in 2013!