Jan 1 – 7, 2013

It’s a new year, and I’m back with a new, revised Year in Pictures project. Instead of daily photos, I’m going to try weekly ones. I know it’s not as intense and not the same challenge, but I’m ready for something different. This time around, my aim is to keep the project more relaxed by having less photos, but also to strive for better photos. I’ll have a week to get the perfect shot!

First up, here’s a photo from the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona. Kansas State University played University of Oregon in the University of Phoenix Cardinals Stadium. With the first big event of the year just 3 days in, it had to be the subject to re-start the project with. 🙂

After this pre-game entertainment, the stadium was packed with purple to cheer on the Wildcats. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to push them to a win, but we still enjoyed being there.