Day #195

My favorite photo of today was of my friend Jammie and I! Jammie was one of the first people I met when I joined Sigma Kappa. 🙂 We were friends through college, then lived far apart for years. Then, about 4 years ago I got involved as an advisor and got to attend the national conference. Who would have guessed that the first person I ran into at the conference was Jammie! She was involved as an advisor in Chicago, while I was doing the same in Kansas, and by chance, we were the delegates attending for the chapters we work with. We’ve had the pleasure of attending nearly every yearly conference since then together, including this year’s convention in Houston! This is a self-portrait of us at the Confirmed Conventionite ceremony, where we were confirmed for attending 3 conventions.  It’s always a blast with Jammie!! 🙂