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My year in pictures: A photo a week project


sigma kappa

Week 34

...I was thrilled to spend two weeks with the women of Sigma Kappa and help them through this busy and exhausting, but exciting time. After the last round finished they ran across the street for some more group photos, not just near, but IN the fountain at the gardens! Here's one of their executive council...

Week 33

This week I headed back to the US to advise recruitment at my sorority and alma mater. For many years they have taken a chapter and class photos at the start and I've had the pleasure of taking these photos for 5 years and this one was one of my favorites - a "crazy" shot of the senior pledge class. Aren't they adorable?!..

Sept 5

Day #249 I advised at a chapter meeting tonight and had to take one more shot of this fantastic award on my way out. The highest award our chapter has ever received. Still one happy advisor!

Aug 27

Day #240 Every Monday evening I meet up at the Sigma Kappa house for the Executive Council meetings. It's my opportunity to work closely with the officers and I'll miss being able to do this...

Aug 17

Day #230 Day 5 of formal recruitment brings it all to an end (officially anyway)! Today was Preference - the time that the potential new members have to make their final decision about which sorority to join after the preference ceremonies and... Continue Reading →

Aug 16

Day #229 Day 4 of sorority formal recruitment at Kansas State University is Sisterhood / Philanthropy day. It's all about sharing the friendship and service parts of the sorority life. Sigma Kappa's main philanthropy is being a large contributor to the Alzheimer's... Continue Reading →

Aug 15

Day #228 Day 3 of recruitment is House Tours day. Even though this is the longest and most tiring day, this is a good day for our chapter because they have a beautiful home to show off. 😉 Here is... Continue Reading →

Aug 14

Day #227 Day 2 of Formal Recruitment! It's still Open House round on day 2, so things are much the same. This was my favorite photo of this day though, because it's a rare look at what's happening outside of... Continue Reading →

Aug 13

Day #226 Day 1 of Formal Recruitment! It's the day that all the hard work gets put to use. Potential new members visit all 12 sororities over two days of Open House round. Events are quick and fairly casual, but... Continue Reading →

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