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Aug 12

Day #225 On Sunday, we start a little later and spend the day wrapping up everything learned during pre-recruitment. This year, we asked family and alumnae to join us for some mock recruitment events. It was a great way to... Continue Reading →

Aug 11

Day #224 Recruitment is not all about marching around, standing up straight, and workshop learning... sometimes it's sitting around with sisters sharing stores about why they joined and why they continue to love being a member.

Aug 10

Day #223 Today's recruitment preparation was much like the day before with more workshops and more practice. Yesterday's picture of walk-outs in progress outside the house begins like this, with line-ups inside the house. A view like this is something I see... Continue Reading →

Aug 9

Day #222 We really kicked recruitment practice into full gear today. It was a full day of conversation workshops, event practice, learning songs, working within rotation groups, and walk-out practice shown here. While a little bizarre, this is the method... Continue Reading →

Aug 8

Day #221Today sorority recruitment activities began! As the recruitment advisor for Sigma Kappa at K-State, this is the time I prepare for all year. And, for some crazy reason, I do love it! I've had the pleasure of taking the... Continue Reading →

July 14

Day #196 Today was a very proud day for me and for my Theta Tau chapter of Sigma Kappa! The women racked up a number of awards at the achievement banquet tonight, including: Gold Circle for donating over $3000 to... Continue Reading →

July 13

Day #195 My favorite photo of today was of my friend Jammie and I! Jammie was one of the first people I met when I joined Sigma Kappa. 🙂 We were friends through college, then lived far apart for years.... Continue Reading →

July 12

Day #194 After a day of national business meetings and workshop sessions, we were ready for some fun, cupcakes and trivia at the Foundation celebration. Here's a precious photo of one of my advisees, Kelsey (VP of Membership), and the... Continue Reading →

July 11

Day #193 I switched gears today and flew to Houston, TX for my sorority convention. This was my 3rd convention and my 5th national gathering to attend, and every year it's exciting to join with hundreds of Sigma Kappa sisters... Continue Reading →

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