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My year in pictures: A photo a week project



Feb 4

Day #35 Andy stopped by the grocery store yesterday and was excited to bring home some Gold Kiwis. They were one of our all-time favorite fruits in New Zealand - they're sweeter, mild, less hairy on the outside, and a... Continue Reading →

Jan 14

Day #14 Today's post is another about leftovers. 🙂 Yesterday, I slow cooked pork for 8 hours and made cuban sandwiches. They. Were. Delicious. This is a variation of "Pablo's Authentic Cuban Sandwich", my recent obsession from The Patio.

Jan 4

Day #4 I came down with a terrible stomach ache today. It's rare that I'm too sick to want to eat, but I was tonight. Andy insisted that I try though, and sweetly made me some soup and crackers. Taken... Continue Reading →

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