Day #35

Andy stopped by the grocery store yesterday and was excited to bring home some Gold Kiwis. They were one of our all-time favorite fruits in New Zealand – they’re sweeter, mild, less hairy on the outside, and a more golden color on the inside than the typical green kiwifruit. From what we understood, it was a variety developed, and only available, in NZ. We bought heaps of them nearly every week.

So, you can imagine our excitement to find them here in KS! Sadly, when we cut into them, they turned out to be the regular kind (the hairy-ness should have been a tip off, but it’s been awhile). So much for the grocery store’s signage. 😦 They still made for a photo opp and were pretty tasty.

PS – If you’re not well-versed in eating kiwis, the easiest way is to cut them in half, like I’ve done here, and scoop out bites of the fruit with a small spoon. You can eat it right out of the skin, no washing, peeling, or slicing required!

kiwi fruit