Day #191

Today was my last full day in Colorado. I was supposed to be working, but Andy convinced me to go on a lunch outing, so we headed to William’s Creek. It was a damp day and a little hazy, but I got some beautiful photos of the scenery and Andy fishing. I read my book, snapped photos, and had a nice relaxing afternoon. Well, these things always drag out longer than they should and several hours had gone by, then a couple more, and finally I had to insist that I get back and do some work.

Then, on our way back into town Andy spotted a bear – FINALLY! I have no idea how he saw it from so far away, but I whipped out my camera and zoom lens and started shooting. Next thing I know we’re following this little brown bear along the road and through neighborhoods, watching every move, with me trying frantically to keep him in the frame. He couldn’t have cared less that we were there! He carried about his business, looking for food – digging, checking bushes, tearing at logs, then casually strolling along. He wandered up and down the hills along the road, up into people’s yards (and quite possibly onto someone’s deck), and then onto the next grassy area. He was actually very small and hadn’t grown into his ears yet, but he wasn’t scared of us and didn’t seem to mind getting the paparazzi treatment. 🙂

Since it was dusk, and I was shooting out of a car, and the bear was always on the move, not all that many photos came out crisp, but they still win out over the fishing photos (sorry Andy). Here’s one of my favorites. It was a pretty good adventure for our last day!