Day #190

Today was my last weekend day and last full day off work, in Pagosa Springs. We wanted to fit in one more hike, so we chose Opal Lake. Relatively short in distance, but far more challenging (vertically) than described, it worked out perfectly for us… but not so well for the all ages (literally 3 years to 60+years) we passed along the way. We wound up through forests – first pine, then aspen – and along a milky river, to Opal Lake. Minerals give it a milky, nearly opaque, look. Andy wasn’t impressed by the water, but we had a nice time hanging out there for awhile. Until I put my backback on an ant hill and got us attacked, that is!

Though not my favorite aspen photo of the trip, here’s one of my favorite photos of the day. Quaking Aspens, “aspens”, “or quakies”, whatever you call them, I love the look and the sound of them! (Did you know that you can rub off the powder coating on the bark and use it as sunblock? I learned this from a Wildlife Biology major I know. ;))