Day #141

I had no idea that there was going to be an annular solar eclipse today… until Andy called me about 3 minutes before it began! I grabbed my camera and zoom lens,  jumped in the car and drove to find a clear spot, since the eclipse happened during sunset in our part of the world. It was impossible to really watch at first, since the sun was still so bright, but eventually you could see the moon moving into place. As it worked toward the “ring of fire”, when the moon is exactly in line with the sun and appears nearly as large (so there is just ring of the sun left), I was finally able to look at it and take some photos.

I had rushed out having no idea what was going on our how to photographic it, but luckily the whole process was much slower than expected, so I had time to do some research on my phone. A tripod was recommended, so I found a clear, high spot on a gravel road and used a tall fence to support my camera. I snapped lots of photos through the stages, but was interrupted not long after this one, by a creepy guy who decided to join me at my fairly secluded spot. He was making me uneasy, so I jumped back in my car and went down the road a little further. I was hoping to find one more spot that would be high enough to see it as it dipped down and got closer to the “ring”, but I couldn’t. Stuck in a valley with too many trees. 😦 I ended up really frustrated at that guy for spoiling the moment I had been sitting out there for over an hour to see, but safety first ;), and I was happy with the photos given the situation!