Day #116

I was in awe today because my cousin Adrienne became an alumna of our sorority. I can’t believe that her four years as an active member are already up. It’s sad to see her leave the chapter, but I’m so happy for her and for all the new things to come!

Watching her pledge class move on is bittersweet for me, because I have known and worked with them since day one. As they went through recruitment and became new members, I was becoming an active alumna and then an advisor. I have had the privilege of watching them grow into successful young women and occasionally help them along the way. They have made my time as an advisor so rewarding and I will miss them! (But, several are hanging around for a 5th year, so it’s not all good-byes just yet. ;))

I planned to make a self-shot photo of Adrienne and I today’s post, but then this moment came along. I was lucky to capture this emotional hug between Adrienne and Amber.