Day #67

I watched the first season of American Idol with my Mom (and my friend Abby) when I was back home after college. They were both instantly hooked. I was a fair weather fan. 😉 After that, I only saw bits and pieces of the show over the years. Which, oddly enough, included a few episodes of the New Zealand version. But, I can honestly say, that I have never placed a vote, never participated, never become one of the millions of viewers to help choose the next Idol… until today.

Today I cast my first (and second, and third, and forth…) votes for Elise Testone. Believe it or not, Elise is a friend of my sister Rachelle’s! They met in Charleson, SC and Rachelle has seen her sing many times. I even got to hear her sing while I was visiting several years ago!

I haven’t seen the show this year, but have been following online and am happy to support her. She’s pretty amazing – check her out! 🙂