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My year in pictures: A photo a week project



Week 49

My visit back home involved an unexpected side trip to Charleston, SC. I got the opportunity to go there and help out with the holiday fashion show at TJ Formal's Charleston store. After we wrapped up the event we even got to spend a few hours on Folly Beach. A nice way to take advantage of the warm, sunny, southern winter!

Week 19

We enjoyed our 6 months in California more than expected and leaving so soon was tough. Before we left we enjoyed a few more days of sunny warm weather with some nice jogs on the beach... Here's what I'll probably miss the most!

Week 16

...The sun was getting ready to set and the wind was fierce, causing drifts in the sand and blowing a fine mist of it along the top, but it's still clear enough to see the mountains in the distance and the blue sky.

Week 15

My near-daily walks on the beach are often an entertaining, if not educational, experience. This week I saw THIS! While I can't be 100% positive, research tells me that it's a Purple Stripe jellyfish. Even all smushed up, it was pretty (in its own way) ...

Week 14

We've had an eventful couple weeks back in LA, but most of what I've been up to is making a daily trip to the beach for some exercise. The weather has been beautiful, so I had to go out on the Venice pier to get a good panoramic view!

Week 3

Jan 15-21, 2013 The weather was exceptionally beautiful this week, in the mid-high 70s and sunny. Tons of people came out to enjoy it both on the beach and by boat. I saw dolphins several times, and even a seal... Continue Reading →

Dec 27

Day #362 We walked/jogged down to Santa Monica pier today and wandered home along the boardwalk. Always a lively scene... and such a pretty day today!

Dec 4

Day #339 I was excited to see this starfish on the beach today. Granted, it seemed to be dead (and I was too squeamish to try to flip it over), but it was still pretty.

Nov 25

Day # 330 Happy birthday Mom (and Bob, her twin)! We took a drive up to Malibu today. It turned out to be fairly cloudy and hazy, but it was still a nice drive and had some great views.

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