Day #163

Happy Birthday Andy! To celebrate we went to Quartz creek. It took us several hours to get there… driving up into the mountains, over insanely bumpy (for lack of a better word) roads, through streams (literally), and across a meadow to a secluded spot along the river. Andy and Eric fished while I read, napped and took photos. After our picnic lunch, they headed back down the river, and this time drug me along. I was (reluctantly) equipped with wading boots (that matched Eric’s ;)) so I followed along without too much trouble. It did give me the chance to get some in-the-action shots, rather than my typical from-the-bank shots and I didn’t get left alone, so that was nice. 🙂

As the sun started setting, we walked back across the meadow to the car and spotted some elk and deer. Luckily, we did not see the mountain lion who was leaving tracks all over the river. At least we think it was a mountain lion…

Today was one of those days that made choosing just one photo excruciatingly difficult. But, I’m sticking to it, so here you go – one of my favorite fishing shots from the whole trip: