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My year in pictures: A photo a week project



March 27

Day #87 Another group of trees are blooming - the Peach Blossoms. So pretty... and they smell as good as they look! (I had to get up close and personal with lots of bees to get photos of them.)

March 24

Day #84 We spent most of today visiting with Andy's grandparents, aunts and uncles... taking shifts at the hospital and at his grandparent's home. We were also lucky enough to spend some time outside on an absolutely beautiful day. We... Continue Reading →

March 19

Day #79 I'm not great with plants, nor do I know all that much about them, but I try. But, it seems like if you have mushrooms sprouting in your mint plant (which is indoors, I might add), something isn't... Continue Reading →

March 17

Day #77 Happy St. Patrick's Day! I was dying to get photos of the Bradford Pear trees that were blooming all over town... and they don't bloom for long. I know all to well because I've missed MORE than one... Continue Reading →

March 14

Day #74 More amazing weather = a refreshing 6 mile evening walk and blooming flowers!

March 13

Day #73 Sun and 80-something degrees made getting back to my running routine a must.  It's hard to believe it's spring already, but it's even harder to deny it with the trees budding like this all around!

March 10

Day #70 The trees are budding! Some of the first bits of color we saw on a long, lovely Saturday walk.

March 9

Day #69 The weather has been getting warmer... unseasonably so. It's early March and plants are already coming to life. Here are the first yellow flowers on a bush along the Hudson Trail.

Feb 5

Day #36 A few of my flowers are still going strong so I took the opportunity to play with some close-up filters that my friend, and amazing photographer, Dale gave me.

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