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My year in pictures: A photo a week project



Week 52

Deciding on the ONE photo from a WEEK long trip for the LAST post of the year was tough! But, here it is (finally): a canal /city shot from Burges, Belgium. It's hard to say if this is really my favorite, but it's definitely one of them. And, Bruges was probably my favorite city from our Belgium tour, so there you go.

Week 46

With the time and weather changing, Ireland is a much colder, darker place and I'm still adjusting to it. With only about 9 hours of daylight, it gets harder to good photos (plus everything else I need to do in the daylight), but I'll get there. Or, maybe it's time to focus on some good night shots! But, for this week, here is a reflection of a weeping willow in the canal.

Week 17

... running along the small canal paths (along the backyards of the huge, amazing homes there), then out along the main canal. In the evening, the yachts, boats, paddle boarders and kayakers are making their way back into the marina here, so it's always fun to watch!

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