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My year in pictures: A photo a week project



May 16

Day #137 I was back in Aggieville today, but this time for a haircut and lunch. I got a few shots of the iconic Varney's while I was there. This Do not enter sign kinda jumped into the photo and... Continue Reading →

May 15

Day #136 I had a meeting with a graphic designer in Aggieville today, so I took the opportunity to explore and take a few photos. This little alley had some great light, shadows, and texture, and with graffiti that said:... Continue Reading →

May 8

Day #129 We had a nice lunch with my cousins Adrienne and Bethany today and one of our favorite Aggieville spots, Rock-A-Belly Deli! Here's a glimpse of their back patio.  

April 30

Day #121 Tonight was my last sorority meeting of the semester! It's been good, but is time consuming (and often stressful), so I always appreciate the summer "break". 🙂 I decided we should celebrate with a drink (and a photo),... Continue Reading →

March 21

Day #81 In honor of Andy's last days of work at K-State (and spring break), his supervisor Phil, wanted to meet up for drinks. Aggieville was a low-key, peaceful place with all the kids gone. The rain probably washed away... Continue Reading →

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