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My year in pictures: A photo a week project



Feb 23

Day #54 We've had some classic Kansas wind the last couple days. I noticed that it had ripped the lid off our recycling bins and the blue bottles in the yellow bin caught my eye. I've always loved blue glass.... Continue Reading →

Feb 13

Day # 44 We got snow today. I kept an eye out for a good photo all day and just couldn't come up for anything. So, after my meeting, after I had lost the daylight, I went out back in... Continue Reading →

Jan 25

Day #25 This project is indeed proving to be a challenge! Especially in the winter, I often don't leave the house - or when I do, it's after dark. So, I really have to focus on taking advantage of the... Continue Reading →

Jan 24

Day #24 Another simple shot today. I wanted to be sure I used the daylight and liked the texture here:

Jan 23

Day #23 Today's is a quick and simple shot of a vase. Great color and a lot of blur.

Jan 9

Day #9 Today I just wanted to take a pretty picture. We love our pretty little tree... and yes, it's still up!

Jan 8

Day #8 Today was the first full weekend I've had at home, with "nothing" to do, and I inexplicably went on a cleaning spree. I had planned to tidy up my desk, but ended up cleaning the entire office -... Continue Reading →

Jan 7

Day #7 We were overwhelmed with the amount of Christmas cards we received this year! So many thoughtful cards and great photos. Since we were traveling over the holidays, we're enjoying them now. 🙂

Jan 5

Day #5 I have another plant that deserves a photo! This mint had some fresh new leaves, bright green with some soft fuzz, that were catching the light so beautifully. I couldn't manage to capture exactly what I saw, but... Continue Reading →

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