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My year in pictures: A photo a week project



July 8

Day #190 Today was my last weekend day and last full day off work, in Pagosa Springs. We wanted to fit in one more hike, so we chose Opal Lake. Relatively short in distance, but far more challenging (vertically) than... Continue Reading →

July 7

Day #189 Andy and I went on a several hour hike today. We had some great views of canyons, meadows and rivers. Andy stopped to do some fishing for awhile, but we were stuck in a (much needed) downpour, so... Continue Reading →

July 6

Day #188 A picturesque place to live, no?!

July 5

Day #187 I'm a littleĀ embarrassedĀ to have another photo from our deck in just a couple days! But, after a holiday of hiking, we stayed in and took it easy today so I didn't have many photo opps until we had... Continue Reading →

July 4

Day #186 Happy Independence Day & Happy Birthday Calie! We had non-traditional celebration today. It was just the two of us this year, so we set off on a hike. This time we REALLY went on the Turkey Creek Trail... Continue Reading →

July 3

Day #185 Great weather, a great view and a lot of great meals out on our deck enjoying it all.

July 2

Day #184 Over the half way mark on this project! The guys were busy studying the maps tonight, planning the next fishing trip. We also did a little checking up to see where we had gone wrong on our past... Continue Reading →

July 1

Day #183 Andy's parents left this morning, but Shaina, Eric's girlfriend stayed another day, so we all headed out to Treasure Creek. It took several hours to drive up to the secluded spot in the mountains, and our vehicle barely... Continue Reading →

June 30

Day #182 With Andy's parents and Eric's girlfriend in town, we decided to spend the afternoon and evening on the East Fork. We had a picnic, visited, and the guys fished. Andy was even (finally) successful in getting his dad... Continue Reading →

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